Case Studies

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iOS, Android and Web Apps


Leading provider of customer engagement and retention tools for restaurants and retailers.
Series-B from Sequoia Capital.

Strive helped Thanx build out it's 4 person front-end and mobile engineering team in Spain.

thanx mobile app on phone and tablet
Backend Platform


Glide enables safer, simpler transactions for real estate agents and their clients. Safer, simpler and more efficient than other systems with collaborative features that keep agents at the center of the transaction. Powers ~5% of real estate transactions in California. Backed by Social Capital.

Strive helped Glide hire a back-end platform engineering team in Argentina.

glide platform
iOS, Android, OSX


OpenVPN is the leader in open source VPN solutions and the most popular VPN application on app stores. Complex React Native application involving code bridging between React, Native code, C++ networking layers.

Strive helped OpenVPN build out it's initial 7 person back-end and front-end engineering team in Ukraine.

openvpn mobile app on iOS and Android
Backend Platform


The SMBX is a marketplace for issuing and buying small business bonds. The Small Business Bond™ is a new way for businesses to raise capital.

Strive helped SMBx build out it's 3 person core engineering team in Spain.

smbx mobile app on phones
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