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a remote team of
A+ senior engineers,

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Hire vetted senior engineers

We only focus on the top 1% of senior engineers with 10+ years experience. We undertake extensive vetting upfront so you can save time on screening and interviewing.

We fully onboard your team

We help you onboard your engineers, so they are effective from Day 1. We help familiarize them with your engineering workflows, tech architecture and internal processes of your company,.

We handle all the admin functions

We can handle all the back office and admin functions for your remote team, such as hiring contracts, accounting, HR, offices spaces and IT & equipment set up, so you can focus on engineering velocity.

Your entire remote team in one office

We focus on hiring your team in a single remote office - we strongly believe that managing a remote team in a single location is much easier for you to manage than a fully distributed team.

The Strive difference

We’re obsessively focused on
speed and technical excellence.

Strive Labs helps helps fast-growing companies rapidly build out their engineering teams. As an example, we can help you hire and fully onboard a 10 person engineering team in 4-6 months.

We focus only on senior engineers, each of whom is extensively vetted by Strive's technical experts, to make sure you're hiring the best and most experienced engineers.

Strive Labs has access to top engineering talent as well in depth expertise on all the local hiring best practices and understanding of administrative needs across 15 countries.

We work with companies backed by Silicon Valley's top investors
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