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‟Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.” John Maxwell
Meet The Team
José Luis Castillo

José Luis Castillo Tech lead - Spain

Rocket scientist in past life. PhD in machine learning applied to finance. Prolific in multiple programming languages.


Forware, Astrophysics Institute of Andalucia, Queen's University Belfast

Anusheel Bhushan

Anusheel Bhushan Tech lead

Built large distributed search systems @ebay, Founded an Accel Partners funded series-A company, Lead development of 100+ projects.


StartX Stanford Accelerator, Ebay,, UC Irvine, IIT Delhi

Priv Bradoo

Priv BradooBusiness Lead

Co-Chair of World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Advanced Materials, recognized as one of ~30 innovative entrepreneurs by the White House in 2015, World Class New Zealander Award in 2017.


Fulbright Platinum Fellow and MBA from Harvard Business School, PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Auckland.

Ievgen B

Ievgen BarakhtianTech lead - Ukraine

Specialization in test automation and SQA using Test Complete, Selenium/WebDriver, AutoIT, Apache Jmeter and HP Load Runner.


MS in Computer Science at Lviv Polytechnic National University, SoftServe, GlobalLogic, Epam.

Chetan N

Chetan NTech lead - US,Turkey

Technologist with years of experience designing breakthrough products. Co-founded Modista - an AI startup and Unifyre - a platform for incentivized real-world action.


PhD from UC Berkeley in Computer Vision/AI, LeapMotion, Researcher at IBM and HP Labs.

Alejandro Gómez

Alejandro Gómez Fullstack Engineer

PhD in Machine Learning for Voice Recognition. Best final project award in signal processing in both BS and MS. Multiple research publications on speech processing.

Vicente Cantón

Vicente CantónFullstack Engineer

MS in Telecommunications, Research publications on Bluetooth Low Energy Indoor Positioning Systems

Halil Bilir

Halil BilirFullstack Engineer

BS and MS in Computer Engineering. Contributor/author of multiple open source React libraries.

Luis Adarve

Luis Adarve Data Scientist

Specialization in NLP, Probabilistic Models and Information Retrieval. Developed 4+ stars app - Priority Matrix.


MS Machine Learning at Stanford, Oracle, BBVA, Auctionomics

Adrián Peláez

Adrián PeláezFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering. Specialization in IA, machine learning and geospatial technologies.

Alejandro Moreno

Alejandro MorenoQuality Assurance

Antoine Morin

Antoine MorinUX Designer

BBA and Bachelor's degree in International Business and UX design.

Daniel García

Daniel GarcíaFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering. Prolific in several languages and also a hardware expert.

David Fernández

David FernándezFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering

Francisco Caracuel

Francisco CaracuelFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering with specialization in AI and Machine Learning.

Francisco García

Francisco GarcíaBackend Engineer

MS in Telecommunication Engineering and MS in Business Process Management and Technologies. Django expert. Entrepreneur.

Francisco López

Francisco LópezQuality Assurance

Giresse Bob

Giresse BobFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering. Geospatial technologies expert.

Jesús Moya

Jesús MoyaFullstack Engineer

MS in Telecommunication Engineering, specialized in telematics. Research publication in biomedical signal processing.


Researcher at the University of Granada.

Jiaqi Wang

Jiaqi WangWeb Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering. Geospatial technologies expert.

Jose Gilabert

Jose GilabertUI/UX Designer

BS in Marketing and Advertising. MS in Web Design. MS in 3D animation. UI/UX expert.


Veridata, Browse Digital, Brave New World, Innovaid Creative Solutions, Professor at ESCAV

Juanjo Sierra

Juanjo SierraFullstack Engineer

MS in Data Science. React-Native and BLE expert.

Juanma Fajardo

Juanma FajardoFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering with MS Business Administration and Digital Marketing.

Julia García

Julia GarcíaFullstack Engineer

BS in Telecommunication Engineering. Specialized in robotics, mecatronics and digital signals.

Lorena Valle

Lorena ValleLegal, HR

BS in Law and Political Science.

Manuel Castro

Manuel CastroFullstack Engineer

BS in Telecommunication Engineering. Specialized in Digital Systems.

Marta Verona

Marta VeronaData Scientist

MS in Data Science. Financial Risk Control and Big Data expert.

Marta Amor

Marta AmorFullstack Engineer

BS in Computer Engineering and Mathematics

Paolo Ráez

Paolo RáeziOS Engineer

MS in Telecommunication Engineering and MS in Videogames Development and Design. Server expert. Created an smart glove.

Saul Moreno

Saul MorenoiOS Engineer

BS in Telecommunication Engineering and MS in Videogames Development and Design. iOS expert.

Victor Ruiz

Victor RuizFullstack Engineer

MS in Data Science. Specialized in Network Security.


Computing Chief at ESPOL. Cisco instructor.

What we do

We’re here to change the way products get to market.

Based out of San Francisco, Strive Labs is an on-demand service for designing and building stunning products across web and mobile platforms.

Strive Labs powers top Silicon Valley startups and innovative enterprise companies exploring the cutting edge.

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